TS Metal continues as the market leader by steadily increasing its capital spending and by out performing all other market competitors.


1.incoming materials

2.melting house

3.environmental protection

4.spentro lab for alloy analysis

5.in-line degrassing & casting

6.casting finish

7.ultrasonic sample inspection

8.ultrasonic in-line inspection


10.billet packing & storage




Melting houses (Morgan) UK 10
Furnaces (Hauck) USA 10
Casting (Wagstaff) USA 6
Homogenizing furnaces (Rozai) JAP 2
Homogenizing furnaces (Batch) JAP 1
Degassing & Filtration (Rozai) JAP 1
Spectroscope GER 2
Rockwell Hardness Taiwan 2
Ultrasonic QA Inspection Taiwan 2
Microscopic Inspection Taiwan 2